It’s an old adage that no one wins a divorce case. If your marriage is coming to a close, you can avoid going to court by opting for mediation. Your attorney and a professional mediator can resolve the issues without an acrimonious, adversarial process. Mediation also helps to keep expenses down, an important factor when taking on the expenses of living separately.

Divorce Mediation in Dallas, TX

Mediations are about compromise and negotiation. Unlike arbitration, mediation is non-binding. If the mediation fails to bring about a resolution, you can walk away and take your case to court.  Your divorce lawyer will walk you through the process and protect your legal rights. Before signing an agreement, it’s vital for you to understand the legalities and your rights and responsibilities.

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Texas courts encourage mediation. But it also keeps you in control of the process. Many couples prefer to handle their case out of court, where they can enjoy privacy, and make the process easier on the children. However, mediation can be a high-stakes process around issues of property division, child custody, and child support.

Many judges encourage mediation. In the end, you and your former spouse must work together. Mediation provides a valuable first step.

The Benefits of Mediation

Mediation provides several key benefits that make it a better option for many couples.


Divorces decided in court create a public record. In this day and age, it’s far too easy for individuals to access your divorce record and invade your privacy. Often, divorcing couples make sensational accusations. For example, a spouse may claim domestic abuse. If the allegations are unfounded, you don’t want a public record that paints you in a bad light. 

The privacy of the mediation process is also better for the children. It can be traumatizing for kids to see their parents fighting in court. Mediation allows parents to forge an agreement and leave the children out of a court battle. Mediation is generally less expensive than divorce in terms of legal fees.

High Success Rates

Mediation works. Ultimately, the divorcing couple needs to work out an agreement, and those who opt for mediation tend to have a successful negotiation. 

Saves Time

Though mediation conferences can take many hours, they save time in the long run. Court processes can drag on for years. Mediation provides the fastest course of action, allowing litigants to move forward with their lives sooner.

Not every dispute can be resolved through mediation. Some litigants are simply intractable. Also, neither party may be willing to accept losing child custody. Nevertheless, the mediation process starts a dialogue that can be productive down the line.

Mediation Agreements

To have validity, mediation agreements must be approved by the court. The terms of the agreement create an enforceable contract. Violation of the terms can lead to additional litigation. For example, if your former spouse interferes with visitation in violation of the mediation agreement, you can petition the court to enforce the terms. 

Typical issues resolved in mediation include the following:

  • Child custody
  • Alimony 
  • Child support
  • Property division
  • Visitation 

The Drawbacks of Mediation

Mediation is not always appropriate. For instance, in a divorce with an extreme power imbalance between the partners, mediation is unlikely to result in a positive outcome. We only recommend mediation when the couple can work through their issues with respect for each other’s views.

For mediation to succeed, both parties must feel that they can express themselves freely without fear of repercussions. Part of the mediator’s job involves ensuring smooth communication that is respectful and polite. A good mediator builds momentum toward a settlement that both parties can accept.

Also, both parties must be confident in the disclosure of all financial assets. Mediation is a poor option if you cannot trust your former spouse regarding monetary issues. Unfortunately, when a spouse hides assets, you need to go to court.

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