If you’re moving toward a divorce, keeping the matter out of court means that you and your spouse can retain decision-making power when it comes to the important terms of your divorce. In fact, mediation has a good deal to offer many divorcing couples who aren’t able to find middle ground on their own, which isn’t unusual. Discuss your divorce concerns with experienced divorce mediation lawyers in Bellevue today.

Divorce Mediation in Bellevue, WA

Whether you and your divorcing spouse have only one issue to resolve – or have many – mediation affords you the opportunity to do so with the legal guidance of your respective attorneys by your sides and under the direction of a neutral third-party, the mediator, who is not only experienced in aiding negotiations but is also motivated to help you find mutually acceptable compromises. Further, mediation can’t require you to accept any terms that you aren’t comfortable accepting. Finally, WA courts strongly encourage – or even require – mediation prior to litigating a divorce in court.

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

As mentioned, mediation allows you to remain in the driver’s seat when it comes to making important divorce decisions that will significantly affect you and your children’s post-divorce lives. Abdicating this right to the judge involved in your case is only advisable when there is no other mechanism for moving the divorce process forward (such as via mediation). In fact, mediation has much to recommend it, including:

  • If your divorce is decided through the court, your divorce records will usually become public records, but if you determine your divorce terms through mediation, it is a private matter – and the terms can be kept private. This can be especially beneficial for anyone who prioritizes privacy, for couples with recognizable names, for couples with high assets, for families with sensitive child-custody issues, and much more.
  • Mediation is generally less expensive than divorce in terms of legal fees.
  • Mediation is highly successful, and it may allow you and your soon-to-be ex to open up the lines of communication post-divorce – in a way that going to court is unlikely to do.
  • Mediation tends to be less time consuming than moving through the court system and its inherent scheduling complications.
  • Mediation is less formal than litigating in court, which can help alleviate some of the attendant stress.
  • Even if you can’t resolve every divorce issue that requires resolving during mediation, anything you are able to resolve is one less issue that the court needs to determine on your behalf.

Once you and your divorcing spouse sign your mediation document – and it’s formalized by the court – the terms become the legally binding terms of your divorce. Ultimately, however, it is your decision whether you sign off on them or not in the first place.

Matters of Divorce

Divorce mediation lawyers know that every divorce is different in one way or another, but every divorce must contend with similar issues that relate to all of the following (when applicable):

  • Child Custody Arrangements – Child custody arrangements are a primary source of concern for every divorce that involves shared children. As long as these decisions remain in you and your children’s other parent’s hands, you can strive to make personalized arrangements that address your family’s unique needs and circumstances, and mediation can help.
  • Division of Marital Property – In WA, your marital property will be divided in a manner that is considered just and right, which can very easily mean one thing to you and quite another to the court. Your mediator will help both of you get a better understanding of how the court would likely divide your shared property, which may help motivate both of you to find a compromise that you find doable.
  • Child SupportChild support is based on guidelines set forth by the state, and it reflects the payor’s financial contribution to his or her children’s ongoing support.
  • Spousal Maintenance – Spousal maintenance is also known as alimony, and while it’s far from routine, it is often deemed appropriate when one spouse has a financial need and the other has the financial resources to fill that need (usually temporarily) after the divorce.

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