Michelle Stevens, The Aberdeen Law Firm

Michelle Stevens has practiced Family Law and Estate Planning law for over 24 years. She also has significant experience in elder law. She is an active member of the State Bars of Washington and California, as well as a certified facilitative mediator and former child attorney in California.

She has handled hundreds of high conflict cases, including juvenile dependency, high asset cases, domestic violence, and all areas of estate planning. She considers family law to be the most challenging and rewarding area of law and the most impactful on people’s lives. She realizes the outcome of a client’s divorce will affect the rest of their lives and works hard to ensure they have peace of mind and hope when it is done.

Michelle is very empathetic to clients navigating the litigation process due to her own experience going through a divorce with four children. She is fortunate that her personal experience with divorce and the hundreds of cases she has handled over the years is an asset for her clients. Most of all, she works to ensure that her clients have peace of mind and come out of the experience with the least amount of trauma, particularly for their children. She believes that “in family law, there is very little winning for either parent, but there is a right way and wrong way to do it for the children.”

Pacific Northwest born and raised, Michelle moved to California, where she received her law degree from Western State University. She practiced family law for several years in California before moving back to Washington to be closer to her family. When she isn’t fighting for her clients or assisting them with their estate planning needs, she enjoys downhill skiing, visiting her children and their spouses, and traveling and hiking throughout the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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