How Bellevue Divorce Attorneys Can Help You Keep Costs Down

May 2, 2022

A Divorce in Bellevue can be expensive in many ways and truly speaking there is no such thing as a cheap divorce. According to the US News & World Report, every divorce is different and so are the expenses related to it. On average, a divorce costs between $15,000 to $30,000.  You can reduce the overall cost significantly with these 7 tips:

1. Acknowledge the Cost of Going to Court

Not knowing what you are getting into can be frustrating. That’s why you must gather all the information regarding divorce procedures and the cost related to them. Divorce costs do not just include the filing and the attorney’s cost, there is much more to it.

On average, a divorce takes 3-12 months to get resolved and it means more and more fees. If you contest an issue, there are going to be additional costs like fees for motion, court-reporting services, etc. Depending on the circumstances of the divorce, you might also need to pay for divorce mediation, forensic accountant, real estate appraisers, refinancing, relocation, family therapy, parent seminar, child custody evaluators, and tax advisors.

To get a complete idea of what you are getting into, consult a Divorce Attorney in Bellevue. A Bellevue Divorce Attorney will charge you by the hour or sometimes a fixed price also. These rates are dependent on their level of experience, knowledge, and skill.

Your divorce attorney will take into consideration every aspect of your case and will provide a comprehensive breakdown of the cost. The process might take a while and even the cost can vary a little depending on the twist and turn that’s will come along the way.

2. Recognize the Difference Between a Contested and Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is one where couples decide to separate amicably. This is where both parties get to resolve their issues and negotiate for a better future apart. The big-ticket issues like houses and debt interfere with the uncontested divorce. Yet, if both spouses can deal with these problems, the cost can go down significantly.

In an uncontested divorce, spouses are not able to settle matters like alimony, debt investment, etc. among themselves. This is where the judiciary can intervene, but do mind that the costs will rack up. It is typical for an experienced lawyer to cost $300+/hr. Besides, there will be outlier expenses too, such as the possibility of hiring an appraiser or accountant to evaluate your property or retirement accounts or your business.

3. Acknowledge There Are Easier Ways Than Going to Trial

The best and most legit way to reduce your divorce cost is by avoiding a trial. There are two ways to avoid a frustrating trial, first by opting for mediation, and second by collaborative divorce.

If you and your partner are ready to handle issues like asset division and child custody, mediation is what you should prefer. In Mediation, you and your spouse cordially settle the matters outside of the court. One of the reasons, why mediations cost you less is because it allows both parties to work together as a team.

Even if you two do not agree, it is still vital that you stay exposed to the idea of negotiating. You can take help from a mediator to settle your terms. Mediators are good at a bargain and can help you stay out of the courtroom.

For a settlement that needs a little more security, we would recommend you go for a collaborative divorce. Both parties are allowed to work with attorneys, child specialists, and financial experts. There can be more than one meeting to negotiate and reach an agreement. Do not be in haste and take it all positively as collaborative divorce offers you more control than a judiciary outcome.

4. Try to Use Associate Lawyers and Paralegals

You may be able to cut the cost of your Divorce in Bellevue by taking help from associates and paralegals. It’s the associates in training only who become great attorneys later on. You can request your attorney to let an associate take care of the paperwork and other parts of the case. Even if you have some queries or want a long discussion, it is only suggested that you take help from legal assistants and paralegals.

Another aspect that you should not overlook is where your Divorce Attorney is located. Most lawyers even bill their clients for their travel time (Especially, if they’re located far from the court). You may save quite a lot on your expenses if you hire an attorney located near to the court. For instance, if you are filing for a case in Bellevue, WA, then go for an attorney who is located in Bellevue, WA.

5. Minimize Litigation

One reason why your divorce cost is piling up is because you are unable to control your emotion. Time and again, there have been cases, where spouses are seen spending $1000 over a $300 kitchen appliance. It’s just going to ruin your proceeding and will keep adding to your budget.

Divorce in Bellevue is not about the blame game. A couple decides to go for a divorce because it’s not possible to reconcile anymore. Once you two have agreed to part ways, there is no benefit of blaming each other or cursing. Hatred or anger can be a strong emotion and it will start consuming you. Besides, if you are going through a divorce process, these unhealthy emotions will only derail you from your goal. If you are not able to decide in the moment, just let it go for a while, think clearly, and make a wiser choice.

Furthermore, a court hearing includes several processes like temporary hearings, depositions, and formal discovery. These procedures require a significant amount of time and it’s all going to cost you dollars after dollars. Talk to your divorce attorney to find out ways in which you can minimize these procedures and cooperate wherever possible.

6. Set a Budget

When the legal procedure starts, money would flow like anything, and it would be hard to keep a track of it all. That’s why you must set a budget for it before going to court. Take all the circumstances that can arise later on into consideration.

Think of scenarios where you might have to move out of the house or share the mortgage payment. If there are kids involved in the custody, there will be costs like alimony, hearing for the custody, and other parenting expenses too.

Further, keep a track of what you are spending on and what part of it can be reimbursed. In the cases, where parents are planning on sharing the custody and splitting parenting expenses, you will be receiving the reimbursement. Make sure you have all the receipts and papers in place so that you can provide in later for reimbursement.

7. Organize Your Financial Records

The biggest expense in a divorce procedure comes in the form of the discovery process. Most couples leave the entire discovery process to their attorney because they find it difficult to do it on their own. But this assumption is only going to add a considerable amount to the expenses.

Take it on your part to organize the financial records like bank statements, tax returns, documents related to debts, inheritance, investments, etc. This will not just give you an idea of what you are fighting for but will also make the process a little less chaotic. Besides, this could save you hundreds of dollars.

Even if you need some clarity over these papers, as we suggested above ask the associates and paralegals for it.

8. Getting a Divorce with Little Money

Even if the cost of divorce seems beyond your pocket, there are still some ways to get the divorce process going. Instead of simply losing hope, take the help of some tricks mentioned below:

  • First, get into a negation with your attorney and ask for an affordable plan.
  • Discuss the ways that can reduce the overall time in the court.
  • Opt for a limited scope representation, where the lawyer will be representing only some part of the case.
  • Gain some free advice from the family law clinic.
  • There are legal aid organizations that can offer you some free services. Check out if you are eligible for some discounts.

Most Divorce Attorneys in Bellevue will be able to offer a free consultation on your divorce case. Take advantage of this time and go in all with your queries. Apart from this, you need to be proactive in terms of the paper works and negotiation with your spouse. Even if seems impossible, try to agree on as many things as possible. This will help you maintain your sanity.

Most couples end up in therapy as the divorce procedures are too much for them to take. Only fight for what’s worth to you, not for the sake of making the other party lose. If you just maintain your peace of mind, this can eliminate the therapy costs.

How The Bellevue Divorce Attorneys at Aberdeen Law Firm Can Help

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