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Family disputes are rarely simple. From the breakdown of a marriage or a dispute over child custody, these issues are often hotly-contested affairs that result in contentious litigation. Thanks to years of experience, our firm is able to resolve these disputes amicably in many situations. 

While we are open to diplomacy, we are never afraid to fight for our clients in court when litigation is the best option. If you are ready to protect your rights, now is the time to discuss your case with Aberdeen Law. Reach out right away for your free consultation.

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Meet Jacqueline Wyatt

Grand Prairie Family Law Attorney

An experienced family lawyer, Jacqueline understands what is at stake in the family law process. She is prepared to work with the other side to reach a favorable outcome, but will never hesitate to pursue litigation when it is in the best interest of the client.

Expert Family Law Representation in Grand Prairie, Texas


Arbitration might not reach the same level of conflict as divorce litigation, but it still requires a fearless advocate to help you protect your rights. Arbitration is often more cost-effective and less time-consuming than a divorce trial.

Child Custody

The central focus of any child custody dispute is the best interest of that child. Our firm could help ensure the focus on the child’s interests is not lost while also protecting your rights as a parent.

Child Support

The best-case scenario for a child is a reasonable support agreement that both parties are on board with. Our firm knows how to negotiate practical support agreements that provide your child with what they need.


For most people, the best possible outcome in a divorce case is a short process with a fair outcome. Aberdeen Law could help you pursue both of those outcomes.

Divorce Mediation

A form of alternative dispute resolution, mediation is a tool that could help you avoid drawn-out divorce litigation. This process allows a neutral third party to help you negotiate the dissolution of your marriage.

Domestic Violence

There are civil remedies available for the victims of family violence. Our firm could help you pursue those remedies while protecting your privacy.

Father's Rights

Fathers do not always get a fair shake in family court, despite the fact the law treats both parents equally. Aberdeen Law could ensure a father’s rights are protected in custody or support disputes.

LGBTQ Family Law

Same-sex couples have the same rights as everyone else under state law. We provide our LGBTQ clients with compassionate legal counsel as they navigate unique challenges in the family law system.

Legal Separation

There are many reasons for a couple to separate instead of divorcing. Our team has the experience to guide them through the process regardless of the reason.

Property Division

Property division can be a sticking point during divorce proceedings. This includes not only determining how to split marital property, but also determining what property is jointly owned to begin with.


When one parent intends to leave the state with a minor child, their co-parent has a right to challenge relocation in court. This process could result in amendments to child custody or visitation agreements.

Restraining Orders

The law provides the victims of domestic violence with legal remedies like restraining orders. These orders prevent an abuser from having contact with spouses or children that suffered abuse.

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