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Meet Chris Jackman

Sammamish Family Law Attorney

Chris Jackman is a family law attorney that is proud to mix genuine compassion with zealous advocacy for his clients. The founder and CEO of Aberdeen Law Firm, Mr. Jackman has a track record of success that stands out in the legal community.

Expert Family Law Representation in Sammamish, Washington


The process of arbitration offers a confidential way to resolve family law disputes without the need for costly litigation. While arbitration is useful, it is important to rely on the guidance of an attorney.

Child Custody

The best interest of the child is the most important consideration in a child custody dispute. The Aberdeen Law Firm is ready to help you show the court that you are in the best position to have custody of your children.

Child Support

Financial support for your children is a common part of divorce cases and child custody agreements. It is vital to have legal counsel help you strike a balance between supporting your child and protecting your rights.


Divorce can be an emotional rollercoaster, even for couples who would benefit from a split. It is helpful to have legal counsel to help shoulder the weight of this process.

Divorce Mediation

Tools like mediation are useful in avoiding the drawn-out conflicts that are common with traditional divorce proceedings. The Aberdeen Law Firm could help you get the most out of divorce mediation.

Domestic Violence

There are special needs for anyone going through a divorce when there is a history of domestic violence. A Sammamish family lawyer from our firm could help you focus on your safety and privacy.

Father's Rights

There is no question the presence of a father in a child’s life can be beneficial. Our firm is prepared to help you protect your parental rights in a system that is not always fair to fathers.

LGBTQ Family Law

Our Sammamish family lawyers are LGBTQ friendly. We understand the unique challenges that can come with same-sex marriage and divorce, and we look forward to the chance to advocate on your behalf.

Legal Separation

Separation might be the better option compared to divorce for some people, but that does not mean the process is simple. The team at the Aberdeen Law Firm is ready to help with navigating this process.

Property Division

Dividing marital property is a point of contention in many divorce cases. This is especially true for couples that own real estate or other significant assets. Learn how our firm could help.


The lives of co-parents can diverge over time. When one parent wants to relocate with a minor child in tow, it can result in serious and complex legal issues. Relocation typically requires an amendment to the custody agreement.

Restraining Orders

The consequences of domestic abuse can be serious and long-lasting. A restraining order could be a valuable tool that provides you with the protection you deserve.

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