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Divorce and child custody battles create a quagmire of conflict, anger, and bitterness. But when handled professionally, the family law process helps resolve differences, mitigate hurt feelings, and protect children so they can have happy and productive upbringings. Aberdeen Law has an extensive range of family law expertise that enables our clients to choose the strategy that best suits their circumstances, needs, and goals. In some cases, a conciliatory approach achieves the best results with minimal cost and time, making negotiation, mediation, and arbitration attractive options.

Other situations demand litigiousness, such as when the other spouse chooses an uncooperative, vengeful course of action. Contact Aberdeen Law for a complimentary consultation to resolve your family law issues and move on to the next phase of your life.

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Meet Jacqueline Wyatt

Dallas Family Law Attorney

A Texas A&M graduate, Ms. Wyatt realized in college that her true calling was to help others through the practice of law. During law school, Jacqueline had the opportunity to work with various state and service organizations, earning a special commendation from the Texas Supreme Court for her Pro-Bono efforts.

Expert Family Law Representation in Dallas, Texas


Arbitration provides a forum for resolving your divorce privately and at a lower cost than divorce court. But like divorce court, arbitration is adversarial. Therefore, you need a fearsome advocate.

Child Custody

The best interests of your children are in your heart and ours. That’s why we advocate for fair and practical child custody arrangements. The well-being of your children is always top of mind.

Child Support

Like child custody, child support agreements need to be fair and practical. We negotiate and litigate to create child support arrangements that work in the children’s best interests.


Divorces are difficult and emotional. A more efficient, smoother process makes them far more bearable. Aberdeen Law’s divorce law team achieves the best outcomes in the shortest time possible.

Divorce Mediation

It’s often a challenge to convince a couple in divorce proceedings to see eye to eye. However, in many cases, the issues can be resolved in mediation to the benefit of both parties and their children.

Domestic Violence

When your divorce case involves domestic violence, you need an expert litigator on your side. Aberdeen Law’s expertise in domestic violence law ensures our client’s safety and interests are always protected.

Father's Rights

The presence of their father has lifelong implications for children. The law recognizes fathers’ rights, and Aberdeen Law advocates for keeping fathers and children together.

LGBTQ Family Law

Aberdeen Law’s LGBTQ-friendly team helps with same-sex marriage, divorce, and child custody. LGBTQ couples have the same family law rights as their heterosexual counterparts.

Legal Separation

Sometimes, legal separation makes more sense than divorce. It works when both partners want to separate on a trial basis, gain tax or other financial advantages, or have immigration status concerns.

Property Division

Divorcing spouses retain separate assets and split community property. But intermixed funds and real estate can create tangles. Aberdeen Law specializes in untangling ownership ambiguities for our clients.


Divorce creates complexities as former spouses’ lives move in separate directions. Relocation while maintaining regular contact with kids often requires negotiations and redrawing of custody documents.

Restraining Orders

Violence against spouses and exes can lead to tragic consequences. Against children, abuse has lifelong traumatic impacts. Restraining orders protect your loved ones.

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