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Divorce and child custody matters often lead to conflict, bitterness, resentment and anger. A professional approach to the process can assist in resolving differences, protecting children’s well-being and mitigating wounded feelings. At Aberdeen Law in Seattle, we have a wide range of family law expertise to help our clients to choose the optimal strategy according to their goals, situations and needs.

Depending upon the circumstances, a conciliatory approach may be the most effective, which minimizes cost and time through negotiation, mediation and arbitration. Other situations call for litigation, especially when the other spouse is uncooperative or vengeful.

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Meet Chris Jackman

Seattle Family Law Attorney

Attorney Chris Jackman is the founder and CEO of Aberdeen Law Firm. Mr. Jackman is renowned for his high degree of compassion and warmth, the key ingredients in successfully handling all manner of family law. His proven track record of successes have made him a trusted legal source in his community.

Expert Family Law Representation in Seattle, Washington


Arbitration is an alternative to court proceedings, when parties would prefer to forego the formalities of a court trial. It’s best used when everyone is willing to work amicably toward an agreeable outcome.

Child Custody

When children are part of the equation, it’s important to seek the guidance of a family law attorney in Seattle. We place the child’s best interests at the forefront of all agreements and decisions.

Child Support

As with child custody, child support agreements must be practical and reasonable. We work diligently to negotiate or litigate to establish child support arrangements that prioritize the child’s well-being.


Divorce proceedings are often painful and fraught with emotions. A streamlined and efficient process can make it more manageable. Our family law team works toward achieving the best possible outcome for you.

Divorce Mediation

Bringing a divorcing couple to a mutual understanding is a challenging task. Divorce mediation can often provide a solution that benefits all parties, resolving issues in a constructive manner.

Domestic Violence

When domestic violence is a factor in your divorce, it’s imperative to have a skilled litigator on your side. We are experienced with domestic violence law and are dedicated to protecting your legal rights.

Father's Rights

Father’s rights often have a way of being ignored. Yet, the positive impact of a father’s presence is well-documented. At Aberdeen Law, we advocate for keeping deserving fathers and their children together.

LGBTQ Family Law

At Aberdeen Law, we support the LGBTQ community with their family law needs, including divorce, same-sex marriages and child custody. We recognize the rights of LGBTQ persons and work to protect them.

Legal Separation

Legal separation is sometimes a more viable option than divorce. Contact us for help navigating the complex tax and financial or immigration issues surrounding legal separation.

Property Division

In a divorce, dividing separate assets and community property can get complicated when real estate and certain other assets are involved. Rely on us to untangle the mess and ensure fair property division.


As former spouses move on with their lives, complications can arise. Relocating often necessitates renegotiation of custody agreements and redrafting of legal documents.

Restraining Orders

Restraining orders help protect the peaceful existence and physical safety of a person. With the help of Aberdeen Law Firm, you and your family can be kept far out of reach of threatening individuals.

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