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When you need help with matters pertaining to family law in Plano, Texas, you can rely on Aberdeen Law. We are family law attorneys for divorce, separation, child custody, property division and similar matters in Plano and surrounding areas. Child custody and divorce often lead to acrimonious circumstances where the parties involved exhibit anger, bitterness, resentment, greed and worse. In most situations, legal representation can help to neutralize these extreme emotions so that an equitable agreement can be reached that satisfies everyone.

Court litigation is not always needed, but when it is necessary, it’s good to know that you have experienced family law attorneys on your side. Contact Aberdeen Law for a confidential and complimentary consultation where we can explore your options together.

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Meet Jacqueline Wyatt

Plano Family Law Attorney

A Texas A&M graduate, Ms. Wyatt realized in college that her true calling was to help others through the practice of law. During law school, Jacqueline had the opportunity to work with various state and service organizations, earning a special commendation from the Texas Supreme Court for her Pro-Bono efforts.

Expert Family Law Representation in Plano, Texas


Arbitration is often done to avoid court proceedings. It’s best used when both parties are willing to negotiate, but legal representation during arbitration is highly recommended, to minimize hostilities.

Child Custody

When children are involved, it’s even more essential to obtain the help of a family law attorney. We help to ensure that the children’s interests are front and center.

Child Support

All agreements should be fair and reasonable, especially child support arrangements. We work for the child’s best interests to ensure fairness. We also help when child support payment enforcement is needed.


Divorces are always emotionally charged. To ensure the smoothest transition considering the circumstances, our firm assists with making the entire process as objective as possible.

Divorce Mediation

Typically, couples face challenges when agreeing to divorce terms.
When divorce mediation can occur, our presence at the table ensures that things progress with a greater level of objectivity.

Domestic Violence

Special consideration is needed in cases where domestic violence is a factor. Plano family law attorneys work hard to keep you safe during divorce proceedings and ensure that your interests are represented.

Father's Rights

Having dad in the picture has been proven to be a positive force in a child’s life. Yet, dads often feel their rights go unrecognized. We make sure that deserving fathers can play as big a part as possible.

LGBTQ Family Law

The rights of LGBTQ individuals are recognized at our firm. We acknowledge that everyone has the right to equal treatment under the law in matters pertaining to child custody, divorce and separation and more.

Legal Separation

Legal separation cases can be better handled by an experienced family law attorney in Plano. Come talk to us for related matters concerning immigration, tax-related issues and more.

Property Division

Divorcing parties typically wish to retain their own assets and share joint property. Our attorneys help divide property equitably, including real estate, crypto and other assets with ownership ambiguities.


Problems can arise as ex-spouses go on to live separate lives. When one or both parties move, child custody and other agreements frequently need to be re-visited and redrafted.

Restraining Orders

When an individual behaves or speaks in a threatening way toward ex-spouses or partners, disastrous incidents can occur. Restraining orders help to keep you and your children safe from dangerous individuals.

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