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Aberdeen Law of Kirkland is an experienced family law firm helping with issues of divorce, child custody, restraining orders and other matters pertaining to family law. In many instances, conflicts arise during divorce and separation due to feelings of resentment, anger, bitterness and other tense emotions. This makes trying to manage these situations extremely challenging. But when you have experienced legal aid to help you and the other involved parties, everything can go much more smoothly than you may have anticipated. Remember, court litigation is not always needed. Sometimes, using conciliatory means can achieve objectives that are practical, attractive and equitable for everyone involved, including any children who may be affected.

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Meet Chris Jackman

Kirkland Family Law Attorney

Attorney Chris Jackman is the founder and CEO of Aberdeen Law Firm. Mr. Jackman is renowned for his high degree of compassion and warmth, the key ingredients in successfully handling all manner of family law. His proven track record of success has made him a trusted legal source in his community.

Expert Family Law Representation in Kirkland, Washington


Arbitration allows confidential divorce settlements at a reduced cost than in court. Note that arbitration can still be hostile, which is why you need a strong advocate.

Child Custody

The well-being of children of divorce is the highest priority for you and for us. We strive to put your child’s interests front and center.

Child Support

Child support agreements should be equitable and reasonable. We will negotiate on behalf of the child’s interests, including litigation when necessary to achieve the desired legal outcome.


Divorces are inherently fraught with emotion. Our team helps you to go through the process with a higher degree of objectivity, ensuring as smooth and efficient a process as possible, given the circumstances.

Divorce Mediation

It is often challenging for a couple to agree to terms of a divorce. With our help, divorce mediation can be the solution for getting volatile issues resolved.

Domestic Violence

Divorces involving domestic violence need special attention. Kirkland family lawyers have the experience and expertise to ensure that your safety and interests take priority.

Father's Rights

Studies show that a father’s presence can have a lifelong positive influence on children. The legal system recognizes the rights of fathers to be in their child’s lives, and we strive to uphold those rights.

LGBTQ Family Law

Our Kirkland family lawyers are LGBTQ friendly. We recognize the rights of all persons, irregardless of sexual orientation, for just treatment in legal situations like divorce, marriage and child custody.

Legal Separation

In cases where legal separation is the better option, Kirkland family lawyers help couples navigate tax concerns, immigration issues and other relevant factors to ensure the best possible outcome.

Property Division

The parties to a divorce keep separate assets and divide common property. But combining finances with real estate means complications. Aberdeen Law Firm specializes in unraveling ownership uncertainties.


As former married couples go on with separate lives, complexities can develop. Often, negotiation and redrawing of child custody documents is needed when one or both parties relocates.

Restraining Orders

Violence toward spouses or ex-spouses can lead to disastrous outcomes, including long-lasting, devastating effects on children. Restraining orders provide protection for you and your loved ones.

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