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No one enjoys divorce and custody battles, least of all children. However, legal professionals can expedite the process and make it less painful. The skilled family law attorneys of the Aberdeen Law Firm are dedicated to protecting your children from needless fights and hurt feelings during a split. Using our extensive family law expertise, Aberdeen Law tailors representation to suit individual needs. Although conciliation may not be possible for the partnership, it need not impede resolution through mediation or arbitration. We believe in advantageous outcomes while minimizing costs.

Diplomacy, however, does not prevent us from aggressively defending your interests in litigation. Going to court may be the only recourse against vengeful or uncooperative spouses. Take the first step in resolving family law disputes by contacting Aberdeen Law for a free consultation.

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Meet Jacqueline Wyatt

Fort Worth Family Law Attorney

A tenacious litigator and keen negotiator, Jacqueline is always several moves ahead in the family law process. She balances a relentless drive to advance individual interests while protecting the needs of his more silent clients, children.

Expert Family Law Representation in Fort Worth, Texas


Although billed as less adversarial than divorce court, arbitration still requires fierce advocacy. It provides a more cost-effective private forum as a first step in resolving a dissolution.

Child Custody

What is truly in a child’s best interests often gets lost in the fight. Children always come first when negotiating suitable custody arrangements.

Child Support

Young children demand practical support agreements. We negotiate the most advantageous arrangements to serve you and your loved ones.


Aberdeen Law’s divorce attorneys lighten your load by keeping mediation efficient and free of emotional trauma to the furthest extent possible.

Divorce Mediation

Mediation focuses on finding the best way forward for couples and their children. A neutral third party keeps couples from reverting to needless fights.

Domestic Violence

Our Fort Worth domestic violence lawyers hold themselves to the highest standard of protection and privacy. All attorney-client communication is confidential.

Father's Rights

Children need their fathers. Yet fathers’ rights are often overlooked in family law. Aberdeen Law protects these relationships by keeping fathers and children together.

LGBTQ Family Law

Same-sex and heterosexual couples share equal rights under Texas law. Our LGBTQ clients likewise receive equal treatment in divorce and child custody matters.

Legal Separation

Whether separating on a trial basis or for financial or immigration reasons, couples often prefer this status to an official divorce.

Property Division

What constitutes separate or community property is not always clear. Aberdeen Law helps untangle confusing funds or assets to ensure the proper distribution of property.


When couples part ways and one parent moves to a different state, amending child custody and visitation arrangements is in order.

Restraining Orders

Domestic violence causes lifelong trauma. A court injunction is often difficult to obtain but necessary to protect spouses and children from further abuse.

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