How Much Does It Cost to Get a Divorce in Dallas?

September 24, 2020

Divorce is an emotional roller coaster that leaves most of us reeling. Adding insult to injury, divorce can also be expensive. In fact, some people shy away from hiring the legal counsel they need in a misguided attempt to keep costs down. Ultimately, the consequences of the financial and child-related terms outlined in your divorce are too important to leave to chance. Help protect your financial and parental rights by working closely with an experienced divorce attorney in Dallas.

Your Filing Costs in Dallas

While filing costs vary, you can plan on paying about $300 to file your Original Petition for Divorce in the State of TX. You’re also likely to encounter some ancillary filing expenses – in addition to the cost of having your spouse served. These expenses are approximately the same for nearly every divorce. The bulk of your legal costs will be in direct relation to the amount of legal intervention your case requires, and some cases are far more complicated than others.

Complicating Factors

Even an amicable divorce that seems to be moving in the right direction can unexpectedly go south. There are some factors, however, that tend to universally complicate divorces – and make them more costly in the process. These complications can include:

  • Divorces that involve high assets
  • Divorces that involve complicated assets
  • Divorces that involve a business
  • Divorces that involve an ugly custody battle
  • Divorces in which one spouse and/or his or her attorney chooses to complicate and/or delay the process

If you’re facing a divorce that is complicated by extenuating circumstances of any kind, the best path forward is to formulate a strategy with your skilled Dallas divorce attorney and to move methodically forward.

Keeping Your Costs Down in Dallas

Many people who are going through a divorce feel like they have no control over how much the process is going to cost them, and they find this anxiety-provoking. This is understandable, but you have more control over the matter than you probably realize. Take the time to discuss your divorce priorities with your divorce lawyer – along with your concerns about costs. A reputable and compassionate attorney will address your concerns directly and will help you find ways to keep your legal costs down.

If there is one essential divorce issue that is most important to you, your dedicated divorce attorney will help you focus your resources on that issue while letting up on issues that are not as significant to you. An important note here is that you don’t want to lose sight of any of your financial and parental rights in the process, and this is where having a knowledgeable divorce lawyer on your side can be invaluable. He or she will help you balance your rights with your expense goals in an effort to effect results that work for you – on your budget.

Your Divorce Priorities

Every divorce is singular unto itself, but the basic building blocks of divorce remain the same across the board, and these include:

  • The division of your marital property (called community property in TX)
  • Your child custody arrangements (called conservatorship in TX)
  • Child support payments
  • Spousal maintenance (what many people call alimony)

If several of these issues are fairly straightforward in relation to your divorce, you may be able to focus your efforts and resources on the one issue that tops your divorce priorities. The consequences of each of these issues, however, is critical to your financial and parental rights, so look to your divorce attorney’s considerable experience in the matter to help you strike a balance that works for you.

You Need an Experienced Lawyer During Divorce in Dallas

If you have concerns regarding the cost of your divorce, the dedicated divorce lawyers at the Aberdeen Law Firm in Dallas are committed to directly addressing your concerns while faithfully answering your questions. Protecting your financial and parental rights throughout the divorce process and beyond is imperative, and our versatile legal team is motivated to help you move forward with purpose – confidence in the financial investment you are making. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact or call us at (972) 914-3986 today.

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