10 Tips for a Successful Divorce in Bellevue, WA

April 5, 2022

Divorce in Bellevue, WA, or in any other state is never easy. Still, no matter how consuming it is, the process won’t go on forever. Consider it a stepping-stone into a new and better life and focus on making the process simpler and favorable for yourself as well as your spouse. There are so many ways to make the all-inclusive divorce process smooth and mutually beneficial. Here we are going to unveil 10 secrets of a successful divorce:

Dealing with Emotion

One of the reasons why the Bellevue Divorce Process is so unsettling is because the parties involved are not able to deal with the sadness of the events. If left unattended, this sadness always takes the form of anger, and all that remains is name-calling and blaming each other.

That’s why whether you are filing for a Divorce in Bellevue or have received a divorce notice, the first thing you should do is deal with your emotions. Try to understand, what led to this situation, and if reconciliation is not possible anymore, accept the reality.

Couples always treat divorce like a war ground, but it can be exhausting for both parties. In addition, if there are kids involved, this battle may scar them forever. According to research done by London University, children are more likely to display behavioral issues, if they witness a divorce between 7-14 years of age.

Always keep in mind that Divorce in Bellevue is not just about the spouses involved, but it also affects the people related to them. So, take it as an opportunity to remember all the good times, you spent together and to thank each other for it. After all, nothing is meant to last forever.

Decide What You Want

Spend a few weeks to reach a common ground and set for yourself a list of things that you want at the end of this divorce. Figure out what you must have and can let go of, and for each category, set up some negotiables too (as you might not win every time).

Not knowing what you want will leave you feeling cheated and damaged in the end. This is also the reason, why so many couples are unable to move forward after a divorce. Rather than focusing on the present, this will be the time to decide on your future. Take a positive approach and see where you want to stand a few years from now.

Some couples are more fixated on making each other suffer and in doing so they lose on some great deals. So, drop this win-lose attitude and start negotiating for mutual benefit.

Pick Mediation Over Trial

Now that you have dealt with your emotion and needs, you could see that the best route for separation is mediation. Mediation is the term referred to the process where the divorcing parties work with a mediator to resolve their case outside of the court. It is more like a problem-solving approach that eliminates the ambiguity of judicial outcomes. Besides, if both parties come to terms outside the court, it reduces the emotional and financial toll significantly.

In case, there are kids involved in the divorce, working with a Divorce Mediation Lawyer should be your first and only preference. It will not only aid in building trust, but will also help in co-parenting the kids. Consequently, both parties will be direct about the issue at hand and will be able to decide, what works for both of them.

Opt for a Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is the procedure where both parties are ready to negotiate cordially but demands a little more security. The process starts with a talk to find if both the parties can negotiate the terms of divorce amicably. If one of the parties disagrees, the process won’t move ahead.

In case, you both reach a common ground move ahead with the collaborative divorce. In a collaborative divorce in Bellevue, WA, both spouses will hire a separate attorney. You both can discuss with your attorney your preferences in terms of assets, debts, custody, visitation, etc.

Once it’s all decided, there will be meetings with your spouse and their attorney. This is when both parties sign the “No Court” agreement. The attorneys have the right to withdraw from the case, if one of the spouses backs out from the collaborative divorce.
Let’s remind you though that getting out of the agreement will not just add to the cost of the litigation, but may also act in favor of the other parties.

If you are opting for a collaborative divorce, it’s best to reveal all your assets and financial details. Oftentimes, spouses try to hide their assets, only to get into trouble afterward. If you are found guilty of withholding financial information, the court can reopen the case.

Take Parenting Seriously

For divorce cases, where there are kids involved, the Bellevue Courthouse requires both spouses to attend a parenting seminar. This seminar is meant to enlighten parents about various procedures and stages of a divorce. This gives a deep understanding of how this entire process may affect your as well as your kid’s well-being (If there are any involved).

For instance, if one of the parents file for a temporary restraining order on visitation or parenting guideline or schedule, this may affect the kids badly. A sudden break from seeing their parents can cause long-term trauma.

The seminar will further guide you on how to handle such a situation and how you can co-exist for the sake of your children. Keep in mind, these are paid seminars, and the fee will be equally divided among you both.

Be Realistic

Divorce in Bellevue can be overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean you start putting unrealistic demands. Even if you are expecting big alimony or want to take full custody of your child, that may not be possible. Maybe your spouse is not financially equipped to provide for you and, your children want to spend an equal amount of time with both parents. Staying adamant about your unrealistic demand will not just cost you, but will also do emotional damage to all the parties involved, including the kids. Consider, your best interest, but do not pursue anything just because you think you were wronged.

Get Your Papers in Place

In most partnerships, all the paperwork is managed by one partner and the other hardly has any idea about it. If you are the one to fall in the second category, then you would need to put in some extra effort.

Sit together with your partner and make a list of all the assets you have co-owned after your marriage. Keep in mind that you have to disclose even the non-matrimonial assets in court, including debt, income, side income, investments, inheritance, and every little monetary detail. This will be used to determine your average income.

If you think, your spouse is holding on to some information, you are obliged to retrieve the documents on your own. Get in contact with their bank, relatives, and employers to get an idea about the actual income. These documents will help you gain the best deal out of the divorce procedure.

Only Listen to Professional Divorce Lawyers

During the process of divorce, couples always turn to their loved ones for emotional support and advice. However, let’s warn you that every divorce is different and not even someone who has been through a divorce can truly guide you.

Even if you want to be with your loved ones, do not take their advice too seriously. When it comes to divorce, only a professional can help you with its technicalities. If you have decided to file for divorce, the first thing you should do is find the Best Divorce Lawyer in Bellevue.

Your divorce attorney will advise you individually based on your case history and they will be there with you throughout your divorce journey. Besides, you won’t have to worry about the legal technicalities as divorce attorney aims for what’s best for their clients.

Talk to a Therapist

Last but not the least; you are the best judge of your situation. If you think you are being badly affected by this entire divorce thing, get in touch with a licensed therapist. Even one or two sessions can get you out of your dilemma, and you can decide what’s best for you.

Hire a Good Bellevue Divorce Lawyer

A great deal of the success of your divorce depends on your divorce attorney. Some of the questions that you would need an answer for before finalizing the attorney is:

• Do they specialize in divorce cases?
• Can they support collaborative divorce?
• Who will be the main point of contact?
• What’s the fee structure? Find out details like retainer fee, the charge per hour, etc.
• Are they known to your spouses’ attorney?
• Will they need additional consultants?

Check every little detail and until you are truly satisfied, do not haste in making the decision. Furthermore, if you have queries regarding divorce procedures or you are looking for a Divorce Attorney in Bellevue, give The Aberdeen Law Firm a call at 206-790-6430. We have helped thousands of men and women go through the divorce process. This is not a process you want to go through alone. We are here to help you and find a way to make your transition out of marriage and being single again successful. Whether you are facing divorce, a legal separation, or collaborative divorce, we have the talent and resources to help you through this challenging time.
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